• Combined – fixed with oilamide sliding block
• Completely made of 1.4301 stainless steel with bearing bush out of synthetic material

Use profile UP---.0780
Fixing square element BQ---.4000
Rectangular fixing element BR---.4100

For the adjustment of the axial clearance (A) distance rings will be used.

Order example: TR080.0390
Roller, stainless, Ø 77,7 mm

Note! System Load Capacity refers to capacity of both rail and bearing. Dynamic Load Capacity refers to bearing.

Dimensions in mm.

Product Information

Designation Select all Lead Time * System Load Capacity Radial (N) System Load Capacity Axial (N) Dynamic Load Capacity Radial (N) Profile CAD Compare
/storage/8C21C2812CCA5FAF327D13FE3363E1393664F64924040BCEEE7F12999CFB8002/5f8a4e97e8b0401f9a2524efb378087e/step/media/de0ea8c592f94756ac053a0ffbcbda21/CAD_TR050.0390_Standard-Roller_Rollco.step 2 3500 2000 3700 UP---.0780
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/storage/C1878A302D9FCD0BF8EFD3F154632E2CF3D71A7BBA26F038E98FD426ACA0CC5A/43fbbdadf7a04030b509e27d424c803b/step/media/169b096dc6a14282af46358512271ef3/CAD_TR070.0390_Standard-Roller_Rollco.step 2 6000 3000 7000 UP---.0780
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/storage/CFC6FBB1225DDCBF7879CE5E0EFFAAA6E6C99D700D1D122F1C961449132894C2/074623b10ef84bfeae33fcf5852751a9/step/media/0b5ad0378d6841bc8a1255c49a9f55a5/CAD_TR080.0390_Standard-Roller_Rollco.step 2 7200 4000 7500 UP---.0780
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Designation Select all A B D H L T U CAD Compare
/storage/8C21C2812CCA5FAF327D13FE3363E1393664F64924040BCEEE7F12999CFB8002/5f8a4e97e8b0401f9a2524efb378087e/step/media/de0ea8c592f94756ac053a0ffbcbda21/CAD_TR050.0390_Standard-Roller_Rollco.step 5 17 52.5 33 28 42 30
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/storage/C1878A302D9FCD0BF8EFD3F154632E2CF3D71A7BBA26F038E98FD426ACA0CC5A/43fbbdadf7a04030b509e27d424c803b/step/media/169b096dc6a14282af46358512271ef3/CAD_TR070.0390_Standard-Roller_Rollco.step 6.5 23 70.1 48 40 54 35
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/storage/CFC6FBB1225DDCBF7879CE5E0EFFAAA6E6C99D700D1D122F1C961449132894C2/074623b10ef84bfeae33fcf5852751a9/step/media/0b5ad0378d6841bc8a1255c49a9f55a5/CAD_TR080.0390_Standard-Roller_Rollco.step 7 23 77.7 50.5 39.5 54 40
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  • Distance Ring

    For adjustment of the axial clearance of Stainless Roller TR---.0390
  • BQ---.4000

    Stainless Fixing Element Square - welded w. the combined roller
  • BR---.4100

    Stainless Fixing Element Rectangular- welded w. the combined roller
  • PAS ---.0360

    Roller combined fixed with oilamide sliding block for profile UP---.0730
  • PAS ---.0200

    Polyamide roller combined fixed, for profile UP---.0730
  • PSAS ---.6200

    Polyamide roller combined fixed axial, for profile UP---.0730
  • TR---.0300

    Standard Roller, adj. of the axial clearance, for profile UP---.0700


    Standard Roller with Oilamide Sliding Block, for profile UP---.0700
  • XTR---.0200

    Heavy Roller Fixed, up to 60% higher load capacity, for profile XUP---.0700
  • STR---.6200

    Standard Roller with axial bearing, for profile UP---.0700
  • XTR---.0300

    Heavy Roller combined adjustable w. insert washer, for profile XUP---.0700
  • XSTR---.6200

    Heavy Roller axis, extra sustainable, for profile XUP---.0700