PAS ---.0200

• Polyamide roller combined – fixed
• Lubricated for lifetime
• High abrasion resistance
• Low friction
• High chemical resistance to alcohol, salts, greases and certain acids and alkalis in diluted concentration.

Reduction of value by speed of:
1 m/sec: 0%
2 m/sec: -20%
3 m/sec: -30%

Use profile UP---.0730. See Fixing element rectangular and square.

Order example: Roller + fixing plate PAS040.0360/BQ1000
Roller Ø 40 mm - welded with mounting element 50 mm x 50 mm x 8 mm

Dimensions in mm.

Product Information

Temperature: Maximum working temperature 80° C
Speed: Travel speed up to 5 m/sec
Designation Select all Lead Time * System Load Capacity Radial (N) System Load Capacity Axial (N) CAD Compare
/storage/1B77E61DCCEB36D6DB67D620FE59331633CC262284F10057AC394899C03DFBD9/6ea6148d0d194fb28f92aace387c368e/step/media/e90d167e7af042d6aa51ab53e690ec2c/CAD_PAS100.0200_Polyamide-Roller_Rollco.step 2 2500 900
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/storage/F30C1353FD46FA2A575C57CB397EA424B66CD0C11929A8DCCAC2A7F9410455EE/356434e6e8ef49bcab892749619a38ce/step/media/8be2d62833b34cb295e970affbeab8aa/CAD_PAS125.0200_Polyamide-Roller_Rollco.step 2 6000 1300
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Designation Select all A B C D E G L T U CAD Compare
/storage/1B77E61DCCEB36D6DB67D620FE59331633CC262284F10057AC394899C03DFBD9/6ea6148d0d194fb28f92aace387c368e/step/media/e90d167e7af042d6aa51ab53e690ec2c/CAD_PAS100.0200_Polyamide-Roller_Rollco.step 6.5 25 8 101.2 15 40 41 51 45
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/storage/F30C1353FD46FA2A575C57CB397EA424B66CD0C11929A8DCCAC2A7F9410455EE/356434e6e8ef49bcab892749619a38ce/step/media/8be2d62833b34cb295e970affbeab8aa/CAD_PAS125.0200_Polyamide-Roller_Rollco.step 4.5 40 10 125 30 40 51 65 55
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    Light U-Profile, good weldability and available in various surfaces
  • BQ---.1000

    Fixing Element Square - welded with the combined roller
  • BR---.1100

    Fixing Element Rectangular - welded with the combined roller
  • PAS ---.0360

    Roller combined fixed with oilamide sliding block for profile UP---.0730
  • PSAS ---.6200

    Polyamide roller combined fixed axial, for profile UP---.0730
  • TR---.0300

    Standard Roller, adj. of the axial clearance, for profile UP---.0700


    Standard Roller with Oilamide Sliding Block, for profile UP---.0700
  • XTR---.0200

    Heavy Roller Fixed, up to 60% higher load capacity, for profile XUP---.0700
  • STR---.6200

    Standard Roller with axial bearing, for profile UP---.0700
  • XTR---.0300

    Heavy Roller combined adjustable w. insert washer, for profile XUP---.0700
  • TR---.0390

    Stainless Roller combined, fixed with oilamide sliding block, for profile UP---.0780
  • XSTR---.6200

    Heavy Roller axis, extra sustainable, for profile XUP---.0700