Standard Connector 40

An inexpensive and simple connection for profiles. The t-slot is not de­formed when the joint is made, gi­ving greater stability to the joint. At the same time, the fastener guarantees no twisting of the joined profiles.

Bore hole for Km 8: Ø 8.5 mm, 20 mm from the profile end, 40 mm deep.
Bore for cap screw head: Ø 15 mm, 20 mm from the profile end, 12.4 mm deep.
Tap center hole of mating profile with an M8 thread.

Product Information

Material: Steel, zinc-plated
System: 40 - Slot 8
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/storage/448BEEA6A6594F144CA8A34559A63BD512B4ADA91EE983C4FD6F72B9E7C1EA5C/98b2171a53cf469bb3fed09ffd5c249e/stp/media/6a0a239554d949019a2bea2939ea3faf/CAD_SV1900V_StandardConnector40_Rollco.stp 2 14
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