Automatic Fastening Set 40

The automatic fastening set is quick and easy to use without modifying the profiles. Universal force-fit link for all profiles and option of moving them afterwards because the fastening sets are fitted in single profiles only. There is no restriction on installing them in existing constructions later.

1 x socket head screw M6x40, galvanized
1 x slot nut M6 / ball-type push-in, galvanized,
1 hollow screw automatic tensioner, galvanized

Insert the cylinder head screw M6x40 head first into the profile groove. Then the self-tapping hollow screw is screwed into the profile groove on the face side. You should use a lubricant for this. Then the slot nut M6 / ball-type push-in is plugged into the profile to be connected and the cylinder screw tightened. We recommend installing them in pairs.
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Product Information

System: 40 - Slot 8
Type: Fasteners
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