Central Fastener 40 GC / GCV

All-purpose universal fastener. Uses a slide-in t-nut with locking grub screw. The anchor with M8 thread is screwed into the opposing profile. The Central Fastener 40 GCV includes an anti-twist feature.

Slide t-nut portion into the t-slot from the end of the profile. Tap center hole of mating profile with an M 8 thread and screw in threaded anchor. Twist to orient indented portion of fastener so that it is facing the same direction as the barrel housing.

Product Information

System: 40 - Slot 8
Designation Select all Lead Time * Description System Weight (g) CAD Compare
/storage/3EDC5BDBCC9B2CE8D58E0054DA88E6FB50339F4F2E37B976C57BFEF4EB6B13EC/79b9b91d7a534189a2471e08527fe57f/stp/media/735e5d97e6f44968875c8a579e20e2f9/CAD_SV1301V_CentralFastener40GCGCV_Rollco.stp 2 Central Fastener 40 GC 40 - Slot 8 30.7
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/storage/F3CE22D4CFAD2EBF2F4E41F343AF7585C8B5C0BC085739414F927EE81BCD6333/885196fe5f3f4a728ef83bbf40bb10ba/stp/media/10c9dcb538ee42ce90d413307c8e4b36/CAD_SV1311V_CentralFastener40GCGCV_Rollco.stp 2 Central Fastener 40 GCV 40 - Slot 8 40.8
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