Central Fastener 40 EL / EQ

All-purpose universal fastener. The twist-in anchor, with an anti-twist feature, can be fixed in the profile groove at any point. The anchor is held in position by a spring-loaded ball in the opposing profile t-slot.

Bore hole for the barrel housing: Ø 12 mm, 15 mm from profile end, 30 mm deep.
Bore for center hole on end of profile for anchor: Ø 8.5 mm, 25 mm deep.

Product Information

System: 40 - Slot 8
Designation Select all Lead Time * Description Material Weight (g) CAD Compare
2 Central Fastener 40 EL Steel, zinc-plated 26
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/storage/D2B3D8186B9113CBE9EB4A186A4710E7714F050A6D7416DEECAFB744556694D1/8a60d3dcc8a2408eadca726b9204b72d/stp/media/3ac18824c74047b0baa80496b2de04c1/CAD_SV1021V_CentralFastener40ELEQ_Rollco.stp 2 Central Fastener 40 EQ Steel, zinc-plated 26
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