Quick Fastener 40

No machining of either profile is required when using this fastener. The RH grub screw is driven into the profile to retain the t-nut, the LH grub retains and tensions the anchor during the fastening process. The anchor has an anti-twist feature.

Insert the t-nut portion of fastener so that the anti-twist feature protrudes 3 mm over the end of the profile. Screw in the cone point set screw on the t-nut portion of fastener into the profile. Insert the anchor into the t-slot of the mating profile and tighten into place by means of the set screw on the t-nut portion of the fastener.

Product Information

Material: Steel, zinc-plated
System: 40 - Slot 8
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/storage/F8B8C0ECE9EC273D0B21E25A99075E69237D69C230DF0E688BBA37D055926301/ba81f5d7b10f452eac6771f7a022e800/stp/media/f5546d856c164844ae295f48197e97b2/CAD_SV0101V_QuickFastener40_Rollco.stp 2 Quick Fastener 40 46
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/storage/0455FF9F7D2EA4EC9415C09A6DC0C01BD62CA68CFBBA401A26BC2D96752398FF/868156fa5fa440bcac7acc2b5418e957/stp/media/5e13d8b911404575811a17643fcabb8b/CAD_SV0102V_QuickFastener40_Rollco.stp 2 Quick Fastener 40 S 47
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