Central Fastener 40 SPS / SVPS

All purpose universal fastener. The anchor must be positioned in the profile t-slot from the end of the profile and is held in position by a spring-loaded ball. The Central Fastener 40 SVPS has an anti-twist feature. No drilling required.

Slide anchor into the t-slot profile which is to be connected. Slide t-nut portion of into the t-slot from the end of the profile. Lock in anchor with set screw located in t-nut portion of fastener.

Product Information

Material: Steel, zinc-plated
System: 40 - Slot 8
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/storage/E631B0552BC42F387219C69C2446A6C30B43FEE3AAAF3FB405DFCAB0A57EABB7/e2bceaf144da4b46b013e4bfb9e9b81c/stp/media/580a588b9dcc46468bc4190e37869dce/CAD_SV1231V_CentralFastener40SPSSVPS_Rollco.stp 2 Central Fastener 40 SPS 35
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/storage/F964BB4360699F8EBC11138B391E990CEAA00310836DB7232B3A833C96A9B9F1/d0ffcc38325c46f9ac1a974e788fd483/stp/media/17c6451c53e34ebb92882fdc9ef942e6/CAD_SV1241V_CentralFastener40SPSSVPS_Rollco.stp 2 Central Fastener 40 SVPS 35
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