Step Fasteners

One or two step fasteners are attached to the end of a length of tread profile (SP0610N or SP0620N) to make one complete step. The complete step is attached to the profile that makes the staircase. The pitch of the steps can be quickly varied by sliding the step up or down the staircase profile groove.
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Product Information

Material: Aluminium, natural anodized
System: 40
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/storage/ADB12138CBD23DC820C3BC857126E58F87E1AEF7AAC09DE9F75ED2A8928857F3/048f46106fa14171a6b6c9073932e363/stp/media/4b4765b6d82c4f81a188b8bd504111a9/CAD_SV3200N_StepFasteners_Rollco.stp 2 Step Fastener 200 450
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/storage/1E6983467B5C53DBDAF75B149739024A30EF40CDCCB0ABACE93A7E965AF906FF/e1d0ccd924cd4d91aa40a75c2802059c/stp/media/df2476b77a0e4ca0b12ae23954b21aff/CAD_SV3202N_StepFasteners_Rollco.stp 2 Step Fastener 250 489
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/storage/EBA71B76EC3C30386BC98A8F183F4FBA1679320658D366B6F2F06E6BE6F461BF/fe5a71881fcc472494c195fe59e021bc/stp/media/b6dad6d57eb0405391fbf4b3770c910a/CAD_SV3205N_StepFasteners_Rollco.stp 2 Step Fastener 300 530
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