Central Fastener 40 135°

Fastener for 45° mitered joint, cut angle is 67,5°.

Bore hole for the barrel housing (2x): Ø 12 mm, 27 mm from profile end, 30 mm deep
Bore for center hole on end of profile for anchor (2x): Ø 8.5 mm, 40 mm deep; Ø 10 mm, 26 mm deep
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Product Information

System: 40
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/storage/50095BFCB14305468D1972F82EEAB7BD0528C482E69DF4D370B07FD426823BDB/f0ff05ed02d94f09b9b03c13b81e4ce9/stp/media/a61c0a4ba37448e2ba7b370d94b5e3bb/CAD_SV1645V_CentralFastener40135_Rollco.stp 2 Central Fastener 40 135° Steel, zinc-plated 42
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2 Plastic Corner 40 135° POM, black 6
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