Adjustable Foot Ø 136 with anti-vibration pad and fixing holes

Height adjustable foot for leveling machines and structures. Any tipping is compensated by a ball and striker pad.

Two fixing sets SZ1700V are required for adjustable feet Ø 136.
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Product Information

Material: Pad: SVDB steel, zinc-plated; with anti-vibr. pad / fixing holes. Striker pad: POM, black. Spindle & Hexagon nut: Steel, zinc-plated
Max. Load (kg): 1300
System: 40
Designation Select all Lead Time * Description Hmin (mm) Weight (kg) CAD Compare
/storage/323942F902B59732F275D734CD56372765434201E09A91E80B276313092FB772/70b806b716694ee7b4923a163985191f/stp/media/f2dc40dfe1dc4a84bfe97d4f2fb88261/CAD_SF0822V_AdjustableFoot136_Rollco.stp 2 Adjustable Foot Ø 136​ M16 SVDB / L 95 48 2.02
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/storage/C6E53C984A5244A99EB382FF6546D676BCB69342D5ABA4783D1E76E32212CBA3/9e6bb0e0e68c4711a51b94ba3e2bb979/stp/media/196f2d54e9394fdb9ab363ab5f11efcb/CAD_SF0922V_AdjustableFoot136_Rollco.stp 2 Adjustable Foot Ø 136​ M16 SVDB / L 166 48 2.11
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/storage/B3A661559DBB4B70A3538FE6FFB5EADB12524D7B5A1F34FF82AE38051A43C3DD/9b20e02cb120404295469a8316a10295/stp/media/37b9e009454847939d34e33fa38d8499/CAD_SF0929V_AdjustableFoot136_Rollco.stp 2 Adjustable Foot Ø 136​ M20 SVDB / L 95 54 2.1
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/storage/4E00FCBFB1821C8DA68BBF295A9FEF36C738210528B64E9AB900F1C389494B13/ea9a159a45e249139f920ea23d34f7e3/stp/media/4ae6b30a78994098837d7cf9064db68d/CAD_SF0931V_AdjustableFoot136_Rollco.stp 2 Adjustable Foot Ø 136​ M20 SVDB / L 166 54 2.23
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