Wide MRU-W Rail

Tapped from bottom.

This product is available in different preload and accuracy classes (see more in Technical Information). Lead times below intend Rollco standard versions.

V0: clearance
VS: standard (Rollco standard)
V1: light preload

N: Normal (Rollco standard)
H: High
P: Precision

Dimensions in mm.

Please note that blocks and rails are not sold separately for sizes 2 and 3. Due to the small dimensions, blocks and sliders must be assembled and matched carefully to ensure correct quality and tolerances.
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Product Information

Designation Select all Lead Time * H1 W1 Hole Pitch (P) M1 Weight Rail (g/m)
2 2.7 6 15 M3x0.5 105
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2 4 10 20 M3x0.5 280
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2 5.2 14 30 M4x0.7 516
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1 7.3 18 30 M4x0.7 940
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1 8.5 24 40 M5x0.8 1472
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1 9.5 42 40 M5x0.8 2818
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*Green: Normally in stock, contact us for current status. Blue: Contact us for delivery time.