Rollers, POM

The ball bearing roller is guided into the profile t-slot and can be used for flexible attachments of panel elements. Because of its asymmetrical construction, distances between the panel and profile can be adjusted.

Product Information

Material: POM (polyoxymethylene), black
System: 40 - Slot 8
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/storage/3EDBBC2A3BFBE7593685D2A43B4E984B2835541868CCBFE5897F228FB4F4D102/d1ccb12b79114f8780fddb604c34c77b/stp/media/ee74b3854ce44b7cb3866aba9d4c5e10/CAD_SZ2210S_RollersPOM_Rollco.stp 2 Roller, POM, Ø 24 40 - Slot 8 35
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2 Roller, POM, Ø 26 40 - Slot 8 35
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/storage/1D48C3F8D2588A1E77FC4C2F915C5CB160BA0EC80761AB3D46C2512F74D5315C/f4395d793fb94ea7abc10ba43117cd09/stp/media/3ca5b84a578c419f9c51554d6dc72b52/CAD_SZ2230S_RollersPOM_Rollco.stp 2 Roller, POM, Ø 29 40 - Slot 8 28
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