Cable Joints

Together with the cable arm, the cable joint forms an ideal unit for running electrical data or control cables from switch box/control cabinets to the control desk. The cable runs entirely in the profile, providing the best possible protection to the cables.

SZ1720V includes:
4x cap head screw M 8 x 70, DIN 912
4x central fastener 40 EQ

Product Information

System: 40 - Slot 8
Designation Select all Lead Time * Description Material Weight (kg) CAD Compare
/storage/F5B001816DB1E19D8168E1F28562D68EB0E90B43ECD177AA23D1B0A65A3ACED2/f1a71d0f2e464dd3986f33d512d2a81a/stp/media/4f9053eb54f740dcb9287c651b504e8d/CAD_SA5200N_CableJoints_Rollco.stp 2 Cable Joint 80, natural Aluminium, natural anodized 1.87
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/storage/0B3569CCCEF89F8D524E06F3A961B4FF31788AC1AEA3D5F6331D360522C67D61/2025284a73cd46d1b38ab6fce389edcb/stp/media/ef806c580c144616aa45022fdd6ed850/CAD_SA5200S_CableJoints_Rollco.stp 2 Cable Joint 80, black Aluminium, black anodized 1.87
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2 Fixing Set For Cable Joints - -
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