Centering ring

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Product Information

Material: Stainless steel
Designation Select all Lead Time * Mass (g) CAD Compare
2 0.2
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/storage/5F27DD60CEB83B4FDF614AEEF1E7715986F3245C02CCB3F19D811BE9F96A0AFA/e3a97ba5ba8d4b59b45f0f8f3399b53f/stp/media/b2234de01c5b4693bcaf0607d8b722ab/CAD_CR7-23332_CenteringRing_Rollco.stp 1 0.4
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2 0.5
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/storage/F56229D0A2748A97BB3E886DE8926A4E853FF0E7CD533C14205DCFC03D83172B/d239cc9411cc49de9faf6bba4e58afb1/stp/media/c9095f296fdf4c02b551f2100a7ead44/CAD_CR12-49049_CenteringRing_Rollco.stp 2 2.4
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