Steel Angle

Links two aluminium profiles at a right angle.

Note: To install the ESD-ready angles, use a notched slot nut in order to make a conductive link.

Mounting material On-site construction:
Angle 20: M5 × 8 countersunk screw (DIN7991), M5 slot 5 slot nut
Angle 30: M6 × 10 countersunk screw (DIN7991), M6 slot 6 slot nut
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Product Information

System: 6; 5
Designation Select all Lead Time * Material ESD Fmax (N) Mmax (Nm) CAD Compare
/storage/1F984612C1A31B75B3D85AFD1A87EFAFC05C4359C5EF6A4E0A53795D6C805A72/529b31ca0e6c45c6ab6232e4301ce81a/stp/media/e2fa50466958437fb0f66596b5c3828d/CAD_PZ4045_SteelAngle_Rollco.stp 1 Black powder coated steel - 600 15
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/storage/008E85CF2EC3FDE621C71C9CCCC196A0A286343EABAA2BB914198BF5799E34AF/63a537a0cceb4d2cb8d46706afba239b/stp/media/9a4451f823fd40d5b9c4362c7bf50391/CAD_PZ3060_SteelAngle_Rollco.stp 2 Steel, blue galvanised Yes 1000 25
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/storage/3F5431CEDA88902A785DDDECB1C2D6E6DBFDCDFD365106825E6492680E5A5665/51ec9bc0b0c540fda0427aacd797233e/stp/media/45f8a87590b942df87bb79c488f30b7a/CAD_PZ3050_SteelAngle_Rollco.stp 1 Black powder coated steel - 1000 25
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