Hinges 40

A medium to heavy load hinge for machines and protective guardings.

2x anti-twist set screw

SZ0788V includes:
2x special t-nut 2x M 8 / spring-loaded ball
4x button head screw M 8 x 18
4x washer Ø 8 mm
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Product Information

Material: Aluminium, natural anodized, black anodized or GDZn (zinc die casting), black
System: 40
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/storage/C7CE890E1674C3102B273612CD2429120B903521A3A125844DC545BA99C835E7/147ac99a30834718a21cbe01a5be4091/stp/media/e427240484904975b094b2ee7750f4fd/CAD_SZ0760N_Hinges40_Rollco.stp 1 Hinge 40, natural 83
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/storage/270B58614F98D462F00DF1E32507EDDE281B52BF1E1AC97E5713CD3A1D19F7E5/24a6ae32138d4495a1ddc538341fc847/stp/media/e5125dbc83f64ac3bdefbf8c67d4b2ce/CAD_SZ0760S_Hinges40_Rollco.stp 1 Hinge 40, black 84
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/storage/03C59F24664DB83197ABF53FEFD3C169251BB029277497DEA1E4DE23ADAB1FDA/d2b3b797bf954d98b465dcc5a4cc1098/stp/media/6a6e9011069b492197d11afb1ee17576/CAD_SZ0761S_Hinges40_Rollco.stp 2 Hinge 40 GDZn, black 190
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/storage/CE1A80C01DC26816509A3ED6DCF4CB1C3ACD83F097A1FA344AE6718FE436B513/74901d9b9eb74e25af3aa0b3b197cd6f/stp/media/7e41ae11529d486a9970e56e9f60e15c/CAD_SZ0762N_Hinges40_Rollco.stp 2 Hinge 40, with countersink Am 8 104
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2 Fixing Set For Hinges 40 68
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