Universal Fastener 40

Standard fastener with universal ­applications. The push-in t-nut can be swivelled into the profile t-slot at any point and is held in position by a spring-loaded ball.

Insert t-nut into the t-slot of profile. Bore hole for the fastener housing: Ø 20 mm, 20 mm from the profile end, 16 mm deep.

Product Information

Material: Steel, zinc-plated
System: 40 - Slot 8
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/storage/5DB996A5F0FC3DD94B96E1AC96F96B7C27CFF6210A12089BB45E92DEE6A22065/78d53f641c5344e8a8ccfe7448b62ad1/stp/media/66c28600b31d4f1ab6d4358465829276/CAD_SV1816V_Rollco.stp 1 Universal Fastener Set 40 Z 31.0
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/storage/D7487E173DFBED6DA03913EAFC9F9F6A94B8EE6243554BCAC811EFC5BC04A7B2/33217a8166bd4073b0c04624a9a99e06/stp/media/19658972ed80427e8afcf2bfce0fc546/CAD_SV1801V_Rollco.stp 2 Universal Fastener Set 40 43.3
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/storage/F60505E626AB12CA08D479C11DF3210C80EBFCC792FC8F0C3DFEAB740E3BF6E1/880b2213035c49738ba1233aa3872260/igs/media/f2d320541cc44e8c80cef79a19bc3abc/CAD_SV1800V_Rollco.igs 2 Universal Fastener 40 21.5
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